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Tasmania, Australia
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I've never printed any photos before and have just forked out the princely sum of $10 for an Epson 1290 printer that has been in storage for the last 4 years. Can someone please explain what I will need to do to "re-commission" this thing? I haven't seen it yet but am assuming that it will have jets that need cleaning etc.



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Firstly replace the ink cartridges. Theyre probably dry anyway. Turn the printer on. Run a head check cycle. But before the cycle is finished pull the power cord. Now the printer head will move freely along its track.

Now get a chux cloth and soak it in windex. Roll the windex and lay it in the track and move the head so it sits on top of the Chux. Leave it to soak over night.

Next morning remove the Chux and gently push the head back to its parked position. Now turn it on and run a cleaning cycle. Then a head check. You may need to run a few cleaning cycles. If after three or four cycles the heads are still blocked repeat the Chux trick.

Good Luck.