A brilliant series of photos, David. My favorite landscape photos often have people or animals within them - for some reason it takes my interest/appreciation to another level - so the three which appeal to me the most from this fantastic series are the first one and the last two. The subtle colors and silhouettes in the first and last images work so well.

Aside from the priorities of money, this series shows that you've made it a priority to be in the right place at the right time!
Nice photos.

Its all about what you want to spend your money on. I've been on forums where people saved enough to by a brand new harley, custom telescope, or room additions. Its all about priorities. Before I purchased the EP1, I never would have thought about spending 700 bucks on a camera. Glad I did.
Very nice photos and you're right, it's all about priorities.
Where I live people spend fortunes on golfing. Golf clubs, golf carts and fees are expensive.
Compared to that, cameras and lenses are cheap!
The images are separated by several years and several thousand miles. Some involved just opening the car door, others required substantially more effort.

A variety of cameras and lenses were used, from 12mm to 300mm.

Several of them were only possible because of the nature of the camera /lens combination used. The depth of field in the poppies / ferry shot was only possible because of a small digital sensor, as I was inches from the poppies, the coastal footpath was only possible because of a 12mm lens on a full-frame digital camera.
So no, one camera wouldn't have been able to take all these images.