Pro using superzoom

Jock Elliott

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Jan 3, 2012
Troy, NY
I was witness to something really neat yesterday . . . a professional using a pocketable superzoom.

The pro in this case was a professional, licensed house inspector, and the camera was a Panasonic ZS-50. When I asked him about the camera, he said, "I never bring my DSLR anymore. The quality of these cameras is fantastic, and I can take a close-up of the top of the chimney from the back yard."

He went from place to place inside and outside the house, taking notes and periodically whipping the diminutive Panasonic out of his shirt pocket to document what he was finding.

His service includes delivering a written report along with a disk with all the photos he took on it. The report is keyed to the photos so people can see what he is talking about.

It's a slick idea, and it was a pleasure to watch him at work.

Cheers, Jock

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