Feedback Problem with photo uploading

Last week I posted 10 images onto the X1 images thread . I did this by uploading the photos from my iMac computer using the SC Forum's VBoard file upload manager .The 10 images took 9.64Mb . I dragged the 10 images from the"Home" box onto the "Attachments" box.
Today when I went to upload more images I found that the 10 original images were all still sitting in the "Home" box ( they are still on the X1 thread as well ) and I cannot find a way to delete them . And as I have used nearly all my 10mb allowance I cannot upload any other photos .
I thought that the problem was me until I did a Google search and found that many other forums using VBoard have the same issue and as far as I can see it is very recent.
Has any other SC user encountered the issue and if so have they found a solution?

The Rolling Road


betwixt and between
These images that you uploaded...then you deleted the posts, yes? But your pictures are still showing in your upload manager, is that it? Just clarifying for myself. You did not ever start a gallery of your own and add by inserting from your own gallery?
No -- the post went live - the pictures are the ten in my recent contribution to the X1 image thread . They are still there but they are also apparently stuck in the home box on the Upload Manager .That's the issue -I cannot use the Upload Manager again until I find a way to get rid of them .