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Recently I've gotten the following when opening posts, instead of the usual page format. Any ideas
Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 4.18.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 4.18.11 PM.png


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Dean, I missed this thread earlier, just moved it to the 'Feedback' area.

The screenshot is pretty weird, it's almost like your browser is trying to show a minimal page load, almost like an AMP page. There's actually a lot of text that isn't even being shown.

I'm not an iOS user so this one will be harder for me to try & replicate. Do you have access to any browsers other than Safari to see if it's happening in all browsers? Do you have Safari browser extensions installed that try to 'speed up' page loads?

Anybody else reading this, if you happen to be using Safari on iOS what do you get at Abandoned? There's a lot of big sized images in that thread so while I can understand a slow page load even that wouldn't case the result in Dean's screen capture.
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I’m using Safari on IOS. Clicking the link you provided Kevin gets, in my case on an iPad Pro 12.9”, the response, “Page could not be found”.
Seems I messed up the link, just fixed it... Here's generic link (top of page 3 of the "Abandoned" thread)...


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Unless I am mistaken, Dean's original screenshot looks like it is from a Mac computer - which runs (a version of) OS X - and NOT an IOS screenshot (IOS is the operating system of iPhones and iPads). In the Mac universe, OS X and IOS are in parallel but separate universes. My initial guess would be that there may be something wrong with the way the Safari App is configured in OS X...? The next question (and forgive me for stating what may be 'obvious') - would be - Dean, are you experiencing a similar weird look with any other webpages on Safari? Or just with Cameraderie?

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