Feedback Problems viewing threads

Well, I found a fix, but I'm thinking of changing the system around entirely. This site is using the latest vBulletin article publishing system, and I don't think it's quite ready for prime time. Please stay tuned for some changes coming today/tomorrow.
Should be fixed now. Please advise if there is still a problem, but don't use the links cited earlier in this thread (those have been replaced) - use the links in the Recent Discussions or Active panels. Thanks!
A few more things are acting up, too. Suddenly my bookmark for this site brings nothing but a "not found" and then when I get here and click the Active tab, I receive a warning 404 Not Found on this server.
Thanks BB! The Active tab should be fixed now. You will probably need to redo the bookmark now that I've changed everything around.
Still a few bugs like shich tabs are lit up and when. Must get back to work, but will address remaining bugs soon!
This is more under the heading "problems while viewing threads".

There is some kind of bug that is getting on my nerves lately and I don't know what causes this behaviour:
When I click on the emoji list under a post to see the other reactions to this particular photo (see screenshot) ...
Screenshot 2024-05-29 um 10.53.44.jpg
... the page scrolls automatically back to the top. I have to scroll down again to the photo I just looked at and the emojis.
No matter which thread I'm browsing through, as soon as I click on the emoji list (of my own posts, too) ... swoosh ... I'm back to the top of the page. It's slowly getting on my nerves. Has any other poster encountered this?
Or might it be a problem of my mouse? I'd appreciate any kind of help to solve this nuisance.