Processing RAW photos from the M8.2 and the LX5.

Warning - this is a completely unscientific, non-control, comparison between two cameras taking a photo of the same subject but on a completely different day and potentially under different lighting conditions, with a different field of view, aperture, shutter speed etc etc etc.

But I thought it was an interesting and fun exercise nonetheless.

A couple of weeks ago I took this photo with the M8.2 while taking my dog out for a walk:


And then I promptly forgot where these flowers were until last weekend when I found them again. I took a couple more photos but this time with the LX5 and when I got back I tried to stamp the same post-processing settings from the M8.2 RAW file on the LX5 RAW file but it looked very different. So I started processing it from scratch, just for fun, to try and get it to look like the image from the M8.2 and it's not too shabby, considering the different conditions:

I should say, I took the photo in the macro setting to try and emulate some form of depth of field in the photo. I put it on macro and then took a step back as far as the camera would allow me to go while still maintaing focus under macro.
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I actually prefer the LX5 image as the flowers are larger and they looks terrific! Also the bokeh in the Leica image looks kinda weird, looks like heat haze. Still very nice though.:)
Yeah I wouldn't argue with that.

The bokeh of the Voigtlander lens is a bit strange, I haven't quite worked it out yet. Sometimes the blur is very nice and smooth and other times it's harsh like in this photo. I think it depends on what aperture I'm using and shutter speed and all those things, and also probably the 'definition' slider on iPhoto would have something to do with it.

The irony is - the LX5 technically has Leica lens while the M8.2 doesn't!
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