Product photos - wristwatch and key fob.



Product photos:
#1 is my favorite watch, the Omega Grey Side of the Moon. Solid ceramic (from powder/slurry), platinum dial, and a good all-night glow. The mechanical movement has 2 sections of 27 jewels each, and is accurate to about 2/3 of one second per day. Very difficult for me to photograph because of glare.

#2 is a Louis Vuitton keychain leather fob. Extremely difficult for me to photograph, and required extensive editing to remove the areas of glare that obscured the lettering. It may be that it was made more difficult because of the wrinkling of the leather from daily use.

Panasonic ZS-100, f8.0, 1/15 sec. handheld, ISO 125.

Panasonic ZS-100, f3.2, 1/25 sec. handheld, ISO 200.

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