Program to increase the resolution of old photo scans


Nov 16, 2013
Can anyone suggest a good program for a Mac (or a Lightroom plug-in) for increasing the resolution of old photo scans?

Years ago I had purchased a scanner to scan my old 35mm slide collection. The problem is that the resolution of the scans is very small by today's standards and I can no longer find the original slides (moved several times over the years) to have the scans redone on a more modern scanner.

Thanks, Steve

Lawrence A.

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Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico
Well, you can resample up in Photoshop. I used that method years ago to upsample file from a 3MP camera so I could make a 20x24 inch print of it. It came out well, but I've not had as much luck with other images. I hate it when the original gets lost. It's why I now scan my 35mm film at 4800 ppi at the original file size into a 16 bit Tiff. It's probably overkill, but at least I'm certain to have the information I need to work with.

With all the technical wizardry out there now there must be something better than upsampling in Photoshop.


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Jul 9, 2010
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I have not tried it for scans, but very recently I used Perfect Resize (formerly Genuine Fractals) to upsample some files that ended up being printed at 36" x 48" and 85" x 85" with fantastic results. The Mac version is available in the App Store for about $30.
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