PS Elements 9 rumour


Alsace, France
A couple of people on other lists have reported installation problems with PS/EL 9. I was thinking of getting it for my wife, but I don't want to spend the Christmas hols with my nose in a machine - that's what I do the rest of the year.

Has anyone successfully installed this thing on a Vista system?
I have it on a MAC and it installed perfectly BUT it is slower than Elements 6 that I used before. If you use RAW and don't need to upgrade the Camera Raw bit then I would stick with what you have. Elements 9 is very nice and quite a nice jump from 6 but I do find I'm doing the same stuff in 9 than I was in 6. I don't use the 'Organise' bit as I have Lightroom 3.3 for that but I'm still glad I made the switch.
I downloaded the trial version onto my laptop which is running Vista. I haven't used it that much but so far I haven't had any problems.