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Our forum previously offered push notifications using a free service, but I removed that due to uncertainty about whether it was compliant with the GDPR.

Some members have been asking for an alternative option, so I've reinstalled an option to use the third party services Pushover and Pushbullet to get forum push notifications. However, this option will be limited to moderators and subscribing members only.

As of this time, Pushover costs $4.99 USD once, per-platform (iOS, Android, Desktop), to use on as many of your own devices on that platform as you want. There are no monthly or yearly fees and you can receive as many notifications as you want. In contrast, Pushbullet has both free and pay versions as explained here: Upgrade to Pro | Pushbullet

To set up push notifications, do the following:

1) Become a subscribing member if you are not already one.

2) Set up an account with either Pushover or Pushbullet. Personally, I use and recommend Pushover, and I signed up via their phone app.

3) Click on Push Notifications in the User CP:


4) Follow the instructions on the next page to associate Pushover or Pushbullet with your forum account. You can also customize which notifications you want to receive and what sound (if any) you want for push notifications.
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When we upgrade the forum software native web browser 'push' notifications will be replacing notifications using Pushover / Pushbullet.

Native web browser 'push' notifications are *not* currently available for iOS Apple devices. That is not our choice, Apple has so far refused to add support for native web browser push notifications to its WebKit browser engine on iOS. And, since they also don't allow other browser engines to be used, then by default all iOS users end up missing out.

Web push notifications will be available to all Cameraderie community members.

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