Leica Q is starting to lose its magic :(


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My Q is taped dotless, nobody comes to compliment it.

Anyway, I took Q with me for a stroll. Enjoying its aspects like worry-free autofocus (although lately it *has* been misfocusing more than I remember it doing when it was my main shooter) and excellent lens. To be sure, while it gets the job done and is light to carry, I'm now wishing it was something else. Maybe a 50 mm lens on it, maybe it should have a back button focus like in a Fujifilm? Q's manual focus with its aides is not very satisfactory, even if it's among the better ones.

It's a wonderful companion, especially for night time shots where its practically apochromatic f/1.7 lens design shows little compromise but M is so much more enjoyable, even if I can hardly manage half as sharp shots with it as with the Q.

But perhaps all in all, Q still is the camera for someone who desires a one-body-one-lens solution...

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