Leica Q3 - 60mp


Thorsten the reviewer seems disappointed by the flip screen, I'd have thought that's a good thing, no? I could understand if it was a pure rangefinder but we're talking about an AF camera here.
Personally, I like the flip screen although in practice I don't use it that often on my cameras that have them. I don't think that feature would be enough to make many upgrade.


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I love tilt screeens, hate the fixed ones... Finally Leica caught up with other camera sensors and pdaf but I guess the lens is too big to af quickly, similar to RX1R II. Overgaard have the review with other Leica camera photos.... I like Jono's review as he is the official Leica tester (he used to post here also):

Leica Q3

Big change is the buttons in the rear as they are more customizable:

Leica Q3 initial review
I'm somewhat gutted they didn't change the lens. I've seen videos/raw files that the lens is more like a ~25mm with corrections applied instead of a proper 28mm.
Does this matter? this lens swipes the floors with every fast 28mm out there, with the exception of Leica's own Summilux 28mm... Depends on what you prefer on a lens, of course.

For cinematic stuff, the Q is just an absurdly fine kit.

And if Leica runs out of money they'll put up a new line of Qs that have maybe 40mm lens or something. Could be fun :)