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Hi everyone. I purchased a Panasonic FZ150 for mainly nature photography. I have been basically happy with it performance wise. The only problem is that even with short periods of use the EVF triggers a terrible migraine headache for me and makes me feel similar to being motion sick. I am just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if anyone has any suggestions. Are the EVFs on the micro four thirds cameras any better or will this be an issue for me with all EVFs? It is bad enough that I have thought of selling the camera and moving to micro four thirds or to a compact DSLR with OVF. Any suggestions?



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Hello Karen.

As far as I understand, the FZ150 has the same EVF as the Panasonic G2/G3. This EVF is of field-sequential design and can trigger nasty side-effects in some people.

The EVFs used by Olympus use true RGB panels, they don't flicker and don't exhibit the so-called 'color tearing' effect.


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... or to a compact DSLR with OVF. Any suggestions?


This. You won't get headaches with an OVF. I cannot/willnot give up the OVF of a DSLR no matter how excellent EVFs become. I find that there is just something "better" about seeing the world that way when photographing it.

EVF for me is only ever used if the sun is too bright to see an LCD screen (hence I am planning to buy the VF-2 for my Olympus XZ-1). I don't get headaches but I find the EVF on my FZ100 (which I imagine isnt worse than that of the 150) not really good enough.

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