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I am bombarded with spam lately on my email account. So I am checking my settings on various sites.

When I checked my privacy settings here, I noticed that "everyone" (so including visitors) could view my contact information. My question is: does that include email address?

Just to be clear (written comm can be confusing): I am not accusing but just eliminating possibilities.

My apologies if I missed an earlier post but I couldn't find it when I searched the archives.



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Hi Peter... I checked and mine has visible to everyone as well. So I logged out and checked my own info with another browser... email address is NOT visible to people at large, and I can't see *any* info about you, even when logged in. Hope this sets your mind at rest.


Student for life
Thanks for the quick response, Sue! That helps! I had changed my privacy settings but if you can't see yours either, it is a relief indeed. It would be quite ironic if spammers got my email address from the recent apple developers site hack.
Thanks again,

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