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On which Fuji line do you use your M-mount lenses?

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  • X-E

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  • X-T

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  • X-H

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Other Fuji

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As my photographic journey continues and my preferences refine a bit more, I have found I am really enjoying m-mount glass on my X-H1. Based on images I've seen and responses across several websites, I'm thinking my choice is certainly the non-standard. I'd guess most m-mount glass is being used on the X-Pro and X-E series.

Just a bit curious as to which Fuji line(s) forum members are using with their m-mount lenses. Poll answers and any discussion would be interesting (to me anyways).

Why am I using the X-H1 instead of the more traditional rangefinder-styled body? Mainly ergonomics and the viewfinder.

I've loved the Fuji cameras since they were introduced, but it has always been a bit of a love/ hate thing with me. With the size and shape of my hands and fingers, and the onset of arthritis, the size/ shape/ placement of Fuji controls can be quite problematic. Viewfinders have to work well with my eyes, otherwise I have large amounts of eyestrain, and in really bad cases it can knock my stereo vision out and induce migraine-type headaches.

Overall, the X-H1 is least problematic of the bunch. X-Pro 2 would have been a winner, but the viewfinder doesn't work as well for me as the X-H1's does.


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I've only ("only", haha) used Ziess M mount glass on the X-E3, not Leica glass, no chances, only the Fuji branded adapter. Renders fine and different to Fuji glass, which is what you want, but not quite like when mounted on the M camera for which it is meant.

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