Question for the Brits


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Ebay. Always. Good prices and protection for seller and buyer if you take care.

If you're selling camera gear, what have you found to be the best way?
eBay? Trade in? Camera fairs? Local newspaper ads? Sumfink else?
Feel free to contribute if you're not a Brit but I'm particularly interested in how my fellow British do it.


I sold two cameras on E-bay just before Christmas one went to a dealer no probs my money came through paypal right away but the other went to a private buyer who messed me around; and paypal made me wait for three weeks for money (I didn't actually mind that) but the buyer wouldn't respond to my emails.
Personally I wouldn't use E-Bay again they're asking for money which they are not entitled too either.
I have two cameras that I bought through Amazon which I might try to sell on their own market place in the future, otherwise trade-in to a local shop in Liverpool or St Helens.


Pennayann do you mean eBay are trying to take fees which are more than or not in their terms and conditions?
In what way?


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Not British, but I always sell on eBay (in Australia), but you need to understand the market for the product you're selling.

For example;

Canon and Nikon SLR equipment -> high demand -> auction-only starting at low bid price

Olympus -> lower demand -> start auction at a higher bid price, closer to what you ideally want for the camera

eBay fees can be a pain but I don't think there is a better way to sell a camera for a decent price (in Australia anyway).


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No, I'm a Welshman living in York who has in interest in languages. Incidentally, being Welsh means I don't struggle with the Dutch 'g'... ;)

Thanks for all your comments folks.

Hi Russ, do you just struggle with 'g' or also with 'r'.
It's always a pleasure to hear my German lady talking to me in dutch/german and find myself answering her in dutch.
Funny: "Holländische Frikadelle oder eine Frikadelle".
Oder: "Bellen in dutch, which means anrufen in deutch". (Bellen (deutsch) bedeutet blaffen (dutch)).


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Well, there you go - wrong again - what do we colonials really know. I see he was grew in Edinburgh! I'm afraid I became confused in my memory with Richard Burton's South Wales... And he is another heart throb, so forgive me. I must have been swooning as I typed earlier.;)