Feedback Question ( New Member from Turkey )


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Hi all,

I am Dr. Ümit Evran from Turkey - an amateur photographer-

I have an international photography project in my mind and perhaps you can participate and be part of it .

My goal is to demonstrate the "unifying power of photography" by involving 6 photographers from 6 different continents in this project. Therefore, the name of the project is "Photography Unites the World". In this project, each photographer can send me a portfolio consisting of about 15-20 photographs of "street artists such as musicians, painters, dancers, mimes, clowns, subway singers etc". from their respective cities.

My email address I will use these photographs to create a video clip, which I will then send to the other 5 photographers. They can use this video in whatever way they see it fits among their photography circles. Later on, I also hope to organize an exhibition and publish a catalog. I hope you can be part of my project as well. If you find this project interesting, please contact me. Thank you in advance. Greetings from Turkey. Take care.
It's a little unfortunate that you buried your invitation in the feedback section - hardly anyone will see it here. This part of the forum is used for site-specific communication, which your post is definitely not.

To be clear: It's not up to the admin or the moderators to tell members what to participate in. I think you're more likely to get the desired reactions if you make clear what would happen with image rights and possible profits - neither of those things is covered in your message. I'm not suggesting that you have not thought about those things, but I doubt that anyone will be willing to join in if they're not made clear. Maybe the lack of detail in that respect is why some members thought your message might be spam or a scam attempt. We decided to give you the benefit of the doubt, but we'd be happier as well if we were entirely certain of your intentions.

If you decide to make this more widely known, you'll want to place your post in the Photographer's Lounge.