Leica Question re Amedeo Adapter

I have the Contax RF to M adapter which I must say is enormous fun, plus Contax RF 50mm lenses are generally smaller than their Leica counterparts and this adapter lets me focus closer. My question is can I get away with using this same adapter with Nikon S RF lenses? Yes, I know Amedeo do an adapter specfically for S mount to M but I thought I'd check, just in case.
Which lenses in particular? You can adjust individual lenses to be better, but they will not be exact. The internal mount Nikon lenses can be shimmed to work better. The external mount lenses will be a problem as the focus throw from close to infinity is shorter than the Contax. You can shim them for a best point of agreement- but will never be perfect.
I had my eye primarily on the 50 F1.4 and 105 F2.5 plus maybe the 28 F3.5. I suspected that was the answer Brian, thanks. I shouldn't really try and cut corners and should just shell out on the right Amedeo adapter, they're impressive anyway.
Yes- get the dedicated S-Mount adapter. The 2.8cm would be fine, the 5cm F1.4- could get it close, the 10.5cm F2.5, "no way" unless using at F4 and slower.

Getting the Amedeo adapter is cheaper than buying the three lenses in LTM. Like I did....