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Hello everybody,

I'm quite new on this forum, and I would like to have some precisions about the GRD3.

So I'm thinking actually about buying this camera but I don't know yet if it's a good idea or not.
I explain my case, I'm actually owner of a Samsung EX1 and I want to know if the GRD is really different.

So basically I'm relatively beginner into Photography and the EX1 is actually my first camera. I always use it always in manual mode because it was the best way for me to learn photography and still use it like that.

And also the pictures I've seen from the GRD on this forum and flickr really impressed me (also the work of Daido Moriyama but this is something else).

So what I wanna know is, if I buy a GRD3 will I see a very big difference with the EX1 (quality of pictures, shutter speed, battery and so on)? or do I better have to keep my EX1 ?

Thanks a lot for your answers

P.S: here is what I do : Flickr: m0gg's Photostream

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you should be able to figure it out...
I'd keep the EX1 until you've used it enough to have a much better idea of what you're trying to do with your photography, what you like, what you'd like to do better, in what ways the tools you're using may start to limit you, etc. The GRD3 is primarily faster in operation than the EX1, which matters if you're doing a lot of street shooting or action photography, but the EX1 can do that too, just with a slight handicap. And the GRD3 has a fixed focal length lens - no zoom, so its a less versatile camera. There's a lot to be said for learning to shoot at a single focal length, to learn to see, compose, etc without a zoom. But you can do that with the EX1 - just don't use the zoom. Set it at your favorite focal length (28mm equivalent if you want to see what shooting with the GRD3 would be like) and just shoot it like that for a while. The image quality is very similar - not enough difference to worry about one way or the other. And for some types of things the interface is probably better on the GRD3, but not in a way that would matter to someone who's new to photography.

I'd stick with what you've got - its a fine little camera.



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Ray is right, unless you feel there is something physically wrong with the camera you are using as in it's getting tired or there it's missing some function that the GRD can improve on, you are better for now sticking with what you know. As your proficiency with the camera increases and you become more knowledgeable you'll know, even feel if you need to move on or not. Or like if you have a total Daido infatuation :)


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Welcome, m0g - I'm glad you've gotten some good advice here. I'm wondering whether or not post processing might be something you would find helpful? Are you currently using any software for your photographs? We have a forum devoted to Image Processing which might be of interest to you. Often the image created by various photographers is, of course, first with their eyes and mind, but then it's what they do with that image afterwards - as in the photographers interpretation of what they've seen.

Please stop on over to our Welcomes and Introductions forum when you have a chance because it's a very helpful way for all of us to get to know each other a bit better at the outset.


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Ok thanks everybody for all your quick answers.

So I think I'm gonna stick to my EX1 and try to improve myself.