Rainy Streets


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Way off the beaten track, these were taken in a neighbourhood called Didi Digomi on the edge of Tbilisi. It's an old Soviet era development of apartment buildings, not in the best of shape but a great place to take pictures. I took these on a grey, overcast, wet afternoon. There are some more on my smugmug site and I'll be adding to them over time since I definitely intend to go back and take some more. Thanks for looking.

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olli, it surely seems to me that you've captured the feeling of this place very well - please let me know if what I come away with, is the way it seemed to you. One can feel the rain soaked wetness through these images, along with a growing damp coldness... I don't know what it felt like to you, but there seems to be an air of desolation and loneliness. My favorite is your first - the woman with her umbrella, a silhouette, and the dogs trotting towards you - that little black and white one ties it altogether for me visually. Very well done.
Thanks. On a grey wet day it does seem very desolate, but despite the relative poverty it's actually quite a nice neighbourhood. People are friendly, kids play on the streets and there are lots of little shops and bakeries tucked in everywhere. Maybe I'll go back on a sunny day and post some colour photographs and you can make a comparison.
Glad to hear your description. I feel much better for the people that live there! Maybe it was that shot by the side of the building...the one with the cart filled with vegetables - and what looks like a headless pig's carcass that got me to me. Those donkeys turned in, the men looking so cold and wet and the dog giving you his glance...which is also a good one, too.

I guess it's too easy to read one's own thoughts into an image.;)

Keep them coming olli!