Rather interesting,

this one: Keith Cooper Stuck for photography inspiration?

I "struggle" with the topic of the video quite a bit, as I wrote in the comment section "I have come to the conclusion that I am probably on the flats, as you call them, more often than actually photographing, so I had the blinding flash of the obvious in regards to my photography that I am a period photographer, the cameras lay about, I fiddle with them inside the house, and then put them away. And then, bang, onto a shooting bender I go. I am meditating on this topic quite a bit these days, so this video is a proper boost for me, and asks some questions I hadn't phrased for myself before you pushed them." So I find this to be rather in the grove, so to speak. I dont have a solution yet, but am somewhat close to identify some sort of "problem" description for myself.

In an earlier post in the forum in the Minimalism and abstract tread, I wrote "I have never explored the "art" side of photography as such but have worked on the documentation side of things, a bit of freelance work and some Press and Information officer (PIO) stuff on and off back in the 90s early 00s, as well as other information/documentation things of the same ilk.

So working without assignments/directions is somewhat that I want/need to harness, I have had some thoughts about writing a post in the "Photography Chat" sub-forum on this, hoping to raise a discussion on the topic." and that still stands, and the ponderings continue, but I find the process and the problem interesting.

Any others with parallel experiences?

I think its a topic worthy of discussion, and best of all, its not about gear (somewhat). :)
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Indeed, in today's world of very good automated cameras, from the full frame to the smartphone, it's really ONLY the content of the photos that bears much thinking. We can choose to operate cameras with more esoteric functions, but that's just a way to make more of a process out of it. Maybe we need that at times to coax out the proper eye, but it only matters if it has an effect on the images we come back with.