Fuji RAW importing on Mac


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I have an x10 with an eye-fi wireless sd. I shoot mainly in jpeg, but every now and then I play with RAW+jpeg. My card model does not automatically transfer RAW files, which I don't mind.

I have enough with silkypix to learn about RAW and I can view the raf files with Xee. Not bothered with lack of Mac native tools.

The only real issue is that it seems that I can only import the RAF files into a Mac by taking the card out of the camera. In my case this also means carrying out the adaptor, so it is a pain.

Am I missing any trick to at least be able to use the USB cable?



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In wouldn't use Silkypix or RFC EX for X10 RAWs. Lightroom delivers better results, but for most shots, the built-in converter will be just right. If you are looking for an X10 targeted to RAW shooters with an external workflow, I'd say the X20 is just that.

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