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Hi everyone, quick update, no test pics I'm afraid, just words.
As part of my bid to try every piece of editing software on the planet, I recently downloaded the Raw Power app from the Mac App Store. Apparently the people behind it used to be on the Aperture development team, and I was always a fan of Aperture.
Anyway, I ran a few tests of some Fuji RAW files (always a good test) and I must say I find this to be the most pleasing of those I compared against for a straight out of the box conversion. The others being Lightroom CC, Silkypix Raw Converter, and Luminar 2018.
Given this plugs into Photos, I can see I'll narrow down my editing tools to Photos/Raw Power/Luminar 2018. If Luminar could use Raw Power as a plugin, and gets the DAM feature quickly, even better. I'll ask Skylum what they think.


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I had it, but due to an unfortunate incident in which the last safari update just didnt work and stuffed the system, I am now back on El Cap and RAWPower needs Sierra. And I am not updating.

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