Fuji RC Conception Discusses Mirrorless Cameras

On Scott Kelby's "The Grid" series online RC Conception discussed how his feelings toward mirrorless cameras has been changing over the last two years. He has deemed them worth of use in certain limited applications such as street photography. RC is a big Nikon fan who works for KelbyOne, and online training business dedicated to all forms of Adobe software.

Although I love my Adobe software I trust the opinions of photographers such as Zach Arias and Bill Fortney more than I do of Scott Kelby or RC Conception. I admire the work by Mr. Conception but take his opinions regarding mirrorless cameras with a grain of salt. I feel his thoughts are slanted to the two big boys in cameras, ie. Canon & Nikon. Admittedly I've used both Canon & Nikon a lot through my career but I've also used Minolta, Sony, Pentax, Fuji and Mamiya as well.

I must admit I was surprised to hear Scott Kelby has recently shifted his interest in gear toward Canon products. It shouldn't come as any big surprise as he does a lot of sports photography that lends itself to shutter priority shooting, Canon's strength.

I love any technology show that keeps us informed about what's out there with good recommendations to the average amateur and professional photographer. I've taken RC Conception's advice seriously with regard to many products I now have in my arsenal of gear. Really Right Stuff, Think Tank and MeFoto are now proudly on my gear list as well thanks to his reviews. When you have as much money invested in a brand of camera as some of these pros I can understand the reluctance to go a different direction.

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