Fuji "Re-get" the Fuji X100 ?


Bring Jack back!
Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
I should have coined the term "re-get" when I was planning to re-get the XPro1. Which I never did. But I did "get" the XE1, which I no longer have. But I did get-get another OMD. Although the new gotten-gotten OMD is silver. And I do plan to get the X20. But no plans to get the X100S (yet) as I still have a X100.

Christina, I say wait for the X100S. And by then, the prices of the X100 will be even lower (in the event the X100S is not all that). If you want to shoot just one lens at 35mm, pick up a 17/1.8 for your m4/3 camera. Can't go wrong with that.
Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
I'm getting another one sometime soon. It's a one of a kind and once tasted its hard to forget.
LOL! Thats what you said last time. Will this be #3 or 4? Honestly you guys, just appreciate what you have and make the best of it (this, coming from someone who would wheel and deal with the best of them if she wasnt so financially challenged!!) I'm jelous. I want an X-pro or XE. Also, an XF (I think) and definitely an XS-1. But, I'll make do with my first gen x100. It works for me :)


Jul 21, 2012
I... I'd like the silent shutter of the X100.
I've been debating selling off my X100 as well to fund the E-PL3 I got for a steal on Cameta ($245 for refurbed body; I've always wanted it for the swivel LCD), and a "re-got" Oly 45 and Panny 20. I shoot mostly with the X-Pro1 now, and my PL3 will take over "grab shot" duty from the X100, but I have to admit, nothing beats how discreet the X100 is in terms of size and "quiet-ness" of its shutter. Plus, I like its built in macro function a lot.

Christi, I think you are much better off waiting for good sales on used X-100s as a few other folks have already said. I just saw one completed X100 sale for $650 on sister site Mu-43; the price is bound to go down even more when the X100S goes on sale, and I am not sure the sensor and MF features are worth spending an extra $400--500.


Dec 15, 2011
Bangalore, India
My X100 is back at Fujifilm workshops with a SAB. I've stopped wanting to make pictures in spite of having 11 other cameras to choose from (apart from maybe the Ricoh GRD original, which is my 'art' camera and makes vaguely unsettling pictures). I plan on toying with the X100s when its finally available but the X100 is in my blood now and I can't seem to get on without it.


Jul 13, 2010
Sunny Frimley
I never liked the X100 first time around although I discovered a kind of zone focus method which seemed to work well, at least in Spain where the light is bright and I was able to use f8 :) I'd already made up my mind to sell it though, together with a couple of other cameras, to fund the X Pro 1 and lenses. Now I miss the compactness, the IQ and the silent shutter so I'll be keeping an eye on the price and buy one again in the next few weeks. I know I'll probably want the X100s but it's twice the price and will be for some time to come so perhaps I can upgrade some time next year.
Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
I know I'll probably want the X100s but it's twice the price and will be for some time to come so perhaps I can upgrade some time next year.
I already want the S but its out of the question for me. I will be looking a the second hand or reduced prices in a few years... except... by then they will have put out somehting even better. My X100 does what I want it to... so I guess I will stick with it. Fingers crossed no SAB yet, and I love the IQ.

According to b&h they are expecting the new x100s to be available by late March. I have had my x100 since day one, I don't plan to upgrade until it gives up the ghost. That being said, if I was in the market brand new, I would seriously consider the x100s, faster all the way around and the sensor iq of the xp1. If u really want the x100, prices on it are only going to keep on dropping as late March gets closer.



Jun 2, 2012
Nantes, France
Robert Wisbey

I'd be tempted to sell you my X100 LE to help fund a purchase of the X100s.
If you're only after the body, I could keep the rest of what came in the LE box :biggrin:



Feb 28, 2013
Miami, FL
Jack Osterholt
Quirky? Yes! Exasperating at time? Yes! Wonderful and satisfying? Yes!..... Sounds like I am describing my first wife! But they will pry my cold dead fingers from my X100!

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