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I'd taken a photo of a pen as a part of listing it for sale recently.

I needed a sign for a science fiction convention to a different convention's fiction market, so I flipped through the options in pages and found one for a movie flyer. I repurposed my photo and created the following:

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Fiction Sign by Deirdre Saoirse Moen, on Flickr

I've never used my own photo as stock photography before.

What photos have you re-purposed?


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Heather: a bottle of red ink. :)

Seriously, the red ink on the nib is sort of a shadowing of editors making manuscript marks in red ink -- it's just coincidental that it happens to be the right color in this case.


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I'm not sure if this fits in here but I was preparing this photo for a challenge in another forum. I started with the idea of a horizontal photo "Mountains of Fortune". As I was cropping, I thought about flipping it vertical and came up with another play on words for this image "Whispered Fortunes". It brings a smile to my face ... I got slightly better than a "meh" reaction from the kids :)



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