Feedback Re: Server Change. Post Bugs Here.

Amin Sabet

Administrator Emeritus
Jul 3, 2010
Okay, still working at this. If anyone is logged out unexpectedly, please clear browser cookies before logging back in. If it happens again, please let me know.

Amin Sabet

Administrator Emeritus
Jul 3, 2010
the sign out sign in issue on different pages has just happened to me. (but that was on the work's not happened at home on my laptop...maybe I need to clear my cookies)
No, that was me tinkering again. I promise I'm done now :rolleyes:.


Top Veteran
Feb 1, 2013
Marlow, UK
This site is inaccessible to me today with Internet Explorer (IE 11 running under Windows 7). Your other sites seem to work fine, but not this one. Just get a message saying "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" when I follow the links on the other sites.

I'm using Firefox to post this, which seems to be OK.



Jan 2, 2011
the links (the ones at the bottom of the pages) for "Privacy statement", "Terms of Service" and "Contact Us" all throw a 404 for me

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