Fuji REAL WORLD test shots from the X10

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my x10 arrived today - really well made (similar to x100). The autofocus is superfast on a par with my dslr -wishing my x100 could snap into focus as quickly....!

oooh you lucky thing. We have 2 in the managers office and I'm still not allowed to put one on show in our Fuji Cabinet so I can't test it either....poop!


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Darn it, Andy! I was hoping we could charter a small jet and head over for a special Serious Compacts discount!:biggrin:

Meanwhile we have ugog who better not hold out for too much longer. And what about flysurfer's soon to be arriving X10?


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Can't tell from the EXIF if some of those high ISO photos use that EXR thingie or not. I'm assuming that it didn't, because all the photos are 4000 by 3000 pixels, which in my feeble mathematical/physics/engineering mind is a whole lot more than a 6 mp photo would yield.

Also, what's with the high ISO choice even under good lighting conditions?? Is it sort of like the X100 picking high ISO because of the Auto DR function? I always found that kinda odd. Hence I just leave my X100 at DR100%.

The X10 seems like a nice camera. I think BB should definitely get one. At Best Buy! :)

Check this site out for real world image examples......

Let uz know what you think.

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