Advice Wanted RECOMMEND Maybe obscure lenses or otherwise good deals that you can adapt on mirrorless


Oh, right. My bad, I remembered poorly.

Meant to say that the focus throw dedicated to normal shooting distances (1m - infinity) is very short and was very difficult for me to focus using Nikon Df and its ERF dot.

Forget the focus confirmation dot, learn to focus with your eye.
IMHO, the problem with the focus confirmation dot is that it is sometimes too precise. Like trying to balance a pin on its point.

Yes, modern dSLRs and mirrorless cameras do not have the manual focusing aids that the SLRs did.
But the slower lenses, like f/3.5 and slower was often focused on the ground glass.

I have a similar problem with leveling my camera.
The electronic level is too precise. I found that I wasted time trying to get the camera EXACTLY level.
Now I use the viewfinder grid. I match the grid to something vertical or horizontal in the scene. MUCH faster than using the electronic level.
IF I have the time, then I might use the electronic level.


500/8 mirror/reflex. With my Olympus, it is now a stabilized lens ;)
As long as you are not tracking a fast moving subject, the manual focus works just fine.

Few things about WHY I got the 500/8.
  • I do not shoot LONG, enough to justify spending $$$$ on a LONG AF lens. The Nikon 500/8 cost me less than $150.
  • The Nikon 500/8 mirror/reflex fits into my standard camera bag. And it is NOT heavy. So carrying it is not difficult, especially at my age and physical condition.
  • Having grown up in the film era, with manually focused lenses, I am used to manually focusing a lens.