Red & Green


Apr 2, 2017
USA Minnesota
Never seen anything like that Mike, it's intense. They indeed look "established".
Things starting to come alive in Minneapolis here to. Lots of rain, but supposed to be nicer today and Saturday, I must get out with the camera.

Mike G

Oct 7, 2016
West London
Mike Gorman
The Rose bush was just a bare stump four weeks ago, and all the red will change to green just before the roses appear!

This rose seems to love a hard prune every year! I see a project for next year to document a year in the life of my rose bush, ummmmmmmm


Sep 22, 2016
The season of life is here. I just noticed a lot of color coming in over the last few days since we have had some warm days and rain. All that sulfur is getting eaten up by the plants making it a colorful display. Like the shot you did there :)

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