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Peter Tachauer
The No.15 Bus

RM1941 (ALD 941B) on Heritage Route 15. New to London in 1964 and operated until 1986 when it went to Kelvin Scottish, followed by Stagecoach in 1987. On returning to London it was allocated to Route 23 before being Re-allocated to route 38. In 2008 it was repainted into white relief band and white roundel style.

The shame is....the apparatchiks in London seek to do away with these prize pieces of London history. Sure, they are diesel....but come on! History!

Routemaster Bus London
by Pete Tachauer, on Flickr



Hall of Famer
I thought route 9 was a route master too but alas, the number 15 seems to be the only one operating at the moment, well it’s the only one I’ve seen over the last month anyway.

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