Color Redder than you!

Mike G

West London
Real Name
Mike Gorman
Hey you two I’m much redder than you are!
Today’s colourful car picture!

I need to wash my wife's car, wax it- and come back to this thread. Her's is "Radioactive Green"- you can literally spot it a mile away. I did when she picked me up from the airport last year.
First day warm enough and Sunny enough to wash a car.

My wife really likes this thread- she got a free car wash out of the deal.


This is taken with the M9 and the 1938 Sonnar 5cm F1.5, at F4- the color is just like the eye picks it up. My wife used her "cellular telephony device" to photograph the car, came out "deep green"- rendering completely different from this. The color is called "Go Green". The car's nickname is Glow-worm.
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