Fuji Remedial lens help: what do these lenses "translate" to in 35mm speak?


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For those who know me, they already accept my lens "translation" challenges. That said, I can't be the only person reading photo forums who doesn't always understand how the lenses translate. My brain still thinks in terms of film 35mm lenses...:blush:

Ray, Rico - or anyone else can you help me out on this with a nice easy access crib sheet? I'd really appreciate having one thread to refer to so I can adjust my G.A.S. accordingly - and be more realistic about which lenses I'd actually want when I eventually cross over the interchangeable river in Fuji world.

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APS, though it varies a bit, needs to be mulitplied by 1.5 for a focal length equivalent to 35mm.
4/3 needs to be multiplied by two.
2/3 in sensors focal lengths thus are multiplied by 4.

I've not gone through the mental gymnastics required to translate smaller sensors, as very few interchangeable lens cameras have them, and I'm not interested in the ones that do.


Depends on the sensor size you're talking about. For the Fuji APS-C sensor (X100, X-E1, X-Pro1) the conversion factor is approximately 1.5x.

This means the conversions would be as follows for any camera with a 1.5x crop sensor (the most common APS-C sensor size):

Fuji = 35mm equivalent
14mm = 21mm
18mm = 27mm
19mm = 28mm (X100 with WCL-X100 conversion lens)
23mm = 35mm (X100)
35mm = 52mm
55mm = 82mm
60mm = 90mm

For the X10 or X20, the sensor is much smaller (2/3"). This sensor has a crop factor of 3.93.

Fuji X10 = 35mm equiv
7.1mm = 28mm
10mm = 39mm
20mm = 78mm
28.4mm = 112mm

See this post for more detail and a chart of common sensors and crop factors: http://briard.typepad.com/get_the_picture/2011/09/sizing-up-the-nikon-1-and-fuji-x10-image-sensors.html

Wikipedia covers it in tremendous detail and depth: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_sensor_format

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