Jan 2, 2011
I'm slightly surprised that we didn't have a Remembrance Day thread ... I try always to attend and observe the silence wherever I am, but always feel to take photographs is inappropriate (just my feeling: no implication that others who do are necessarily disrespectful )

anyway, I took this just a couple of minutes before 11 ... a quiet moment of sombre hope, maybe

on 11-11-11 by _loupe, on Flickr


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Thank you Paul. I posted my remembrance here, however I will gladly add it to your thread. Your picture is lovely and deep. The darkness in the front, to me, gives it immediacy whereas the view in the background not so clearly seen makes me feel as though I'm looking at both memories and hope.

Here is my small I was walking on Veteran's Day and thinking about our world.


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