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Liverpool / UK
Why we buy camera gear from 'reputable' High St Retailers... Could it be for range, guarantees, and reliability... or could it be to just get ripped off !!!

Jacobs Digital Photography & Video

Bought a £500+ lens from Jacobs Cameras 2 weeks ago..... wasn't happy with the quality, so my wife took it back after 3 days (as I was working), under their 7 day no quibble money back guarantee. (as stated on their website).

However, the manager refused to give her the cash back as stated, so my wife reluctantly accepted a Jacob's gift voucher to the value of the lens, as it was as good as money, knowing how often I'm in the shop...

4 days later, I go in to get a different lens, only to be told by the same manager who gave my wife the voucher.... "Jacob's has gone into receiver-ship, and the administrator is not honouring gift vouchers"



Mal they were not correct in insisting she take vouchers - under the Sale of Goods Act (never mind their own guarantee) if the quality was not good enough they should have refunded you.
Unless this was only a small amount and you are happy to lose it, I'd get on to your local trading standards people immediately ... and keep records of everything said and done.

you should be able to get your cash back, though their financial issue may cloud things a bit


Dublin ,Ireland
That really is rotten ! - I would have kicked up such a fuss or asked for the original lens back and sell it on e bay ! - This happened me with a book voucher but it was only for €50 !:mad: