Leica Repair Estimate of my M9 by Leica camera Inc.


A letter arrived today in the mail from Leica Camera Inc.
The M9 has a messed up sensor, and I did not know what to expect, but I was hoping for the "Goodwill" waiver of cost.

There is no charge for any spare parts at all.
They will charge for labor done.
They will replace the M8-M9 Body Cover (MP Style)
They will replace the Image Sensor
Check complete of meter system
Adjust the RF
Check and adjust for good working order
Repair (replace?) M9 CCD/Circuit Board

Cost = $475 +$23.50

This is a good deal, right?
What is the cost of all these spare parts? They can't be cheap!


I am happy! I have no knowledge of the history of this M9 as I bought it used. What Brian said is amazing to me; the cost of the CCD is several thousand Dollars.


Great price!

That's pretty much my experience with Leica. They know that they charge a premium on products so they are willing to keep customers happy even if it means little/no profit (or even loss) on service. They also realize that products hold value in part because they still are able to service them. It also helps that I deal with them in person (I work nearby)

When the M8 first came out, there was a lot of reports of sensor and shutter problems.... probably learning from that experience as well.


Such excellent service is needed to keep Leica buyers happy. While it took me quite a while to raise the money to buy an M8 and an M9, it never occurred to me to budget ahead for some costly repair. Mechanical (film) Leica cameras are not costly to maintain or to repair if you take good care of them. With digital cameras, it seems to be a different situation. No matter how well you baby your M8 or M9, "something" may happen, and a repair is needed.

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