Advice Wanted Replacement for a Panasonic GM5

Apart from my Olympus cameras, I also used a Pany GM5 for more casual shooting, a daily carry around camera. Unfortunately the GM5 is dying (touch screen no longer working, several settings lo longer available). Won't send it in to the Pany repair shop over in Portugal: IMO repair will be economically a bad decision.

So my question: what can You recommend as a relacement for a small yet high-quality camera? Doesn't have to be micro4/3.
There really isnt much in that sub-compact area to choose from, I would be tempted to say that it is at least worth it to check the repair costs. I would repair it if the cost is less than the €450-500 range, which seems to be in the ball park of what they currently is sold for.

Other than that, source another GM5, or have a look at the Olympus E-PM2, which is somewhat close in specs and with the possibility to fit a viewfinder or the GX800/880 (same model but with a "finger-grip" on the latter one) but no VF options.

The other small system cameras is all, from the top of my head, in the 300 grams (for the most parts Nikon 1s and the E-PLs 5-7) vincinty, but the EM-10MkIV is a very nice camera and currently in production, but pushing towards 400 grams. With a wrist strap and a pancake lens, it is pocketable with a jacket on.
If you have to have an ILC with an EVF, there really is nothing currently available.

Otherwise there is the Ricoh GR. Not ILC, no EVF, but APSC and well loved by users. Also the latest E-PL from OM/Olympus - ILC, but no EVF and larger. Also the Sony RX - not ILC, but can have EVF.
I gave up my GM5 years ago for a GRII, and then went on to get the III and then IIIx. The image quality and user experience of the GR cameras is quite different from Panasonic. I feel like Panasonic strikes a really good middle ground for different types of users, but that approach didn't fit the tiny GM cameras as well as their other models. The GR is built from the ground up to be a fast, agile pocket camera which can be used with one hand and with zone focusing ("snap focus") instead of always relying on AF. I'd recommend renting one if you're interested. You either click with these or you don't. Personally I found features that I now can't live without.