Critique Wanted Revisiting


Zemun, Serbia
Yesterday I walked through a part of town I haven't been to for a long while. Passing past an abandoned house I remembered an image I took on film with my Minolta XD7 and 50mm lens (almost two years earlier, as I discovered later while comparing my results):
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So I took a new shot, this time with a M39 Jupiter-8 50mm lens mounted on my Nex3. Not trying to replicate the first attempt, but to shoot something similar. It was a different time of day and the light was not the same. I did as I felt on that moment, with the experience and attitude I gained in the meantime. I processed the image to my current taste and finished everything before looking at the original image:
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I like the new image better, for the subtle detail of the wallpaper contrasting the decay, and for the more centered composition. I did not try to "beat" the previous attempt, I was just curious to see what I will come up with after two years.

Do you "revisit" some places, subjects or themes? Care to show your results in succession? Or share the experience? Feel free and invited to add to this thread.


I also like the newer image better - more "rhythm" (whatever that means :)) and really fine tones.
Also I get the feeling you didn;t try to "fit everything in" to the new one, and allowed the darkness room to breathe. It's certainly got a greater emotional charge.

I go back over and over to the same scenes to find something new or better or different. I'll see if I've got some examples - are you opening this up as a thread for the community to contribute series of "revisited" scenes?


Zemun, Serbia
Thank you, pdh! Just the kind of reaction I was hoping for.

That is very close to what I do with some spots I visit regularly - exploring the compositional options and the effect the ever changing light has on them.
I'll include several additional images of mine, and on top of that, "my" spot is pretty similar to "yours":)



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