Canon Richard Franiac Custom Grip for the S95


Alexandria, VA
Many of you are probably aware that Richard Franiec (Camera Accessories by Richard Franiec) makes several different pieces of custom add on parts for select models of cameras. He makes a custom grip add-on for the S90 and now the S95. While the outer case material on the S95 has a finish that is less slippery than the S90, it is still a little slippery for some users. If you have larger sized hands it can be also be a little harder to hold overall and almost impossible to do so one-handed.

I picked-up the S95 grip and am very pleased with the product. It is a quality built part and installation is straight forward and pretty simple if you follow Richard's easy and well illustrated directions. I have absolutely no concerns that it will fall off and is attached via a very strong bonding film made by the 3M Corporation. While I don't plan on testing the procedure, Richard will provide details on a method to remove the grip without damaging the camera, if at any point you decide to do so. The grip does not add any depth/thickness to the S95 and protrudes no further than the lens.

Ordering information is contained within the link below. Note that Richard is traveling for the holidays starting on 10 Dec and will not be back until 3 Jan. Cost in USD is $32.95 plus shipping ($3.00 US & $4.50 Int'l)

Anyway, just putting out there for whatever it is worth to anyone, as this removed one of the very few subjective "cons" I personally had about the S95.

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I had one on my S90 when I had it and it was a really good addition. Before I got the S90, everything I read indicated that it was almost unusable without the grip and the little lensmate ring constrainer thingie (keeps the rear ring from turning so easily/accidentally). I bought both when I got the camera. Shot with it for a while before the accessories arrived and didn't really need either. But I installed the grip and even though it wasn't really critical, it did greatly improve the feel of the camera. And I never even installed the ring thing - just didn't feel the need for it. Fortunately it was only a $5 item.

But I definitely recommend the grip, even if the camera is fine without it. Very well made and once you stick it on, its PART of the camera - doesn't feel like an aftermarket add-on at all.