Canon Richard Franiec Grip for Canon EOS M


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Jul 3, 2010
Richard Franiec just wrote me to let me know that he is producing a limited number of Canon EOS M grips will be available in the second half of November 2013 for $34.95 plus shipping.

I can attest to the very high quality of Richard's grips, and the EOS M certainly seems like a camera that would benefit.

For photos of the grip or to pre-order, see Richard's site:


Jul 28, 2012
Denver, Colorado
The 22mm is an excellent lens. It's the equivalent of the Panasonic 20mm lens for the EOS M system. Unfortunately it looks like the EOS M system may stay rather abbreviated.


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Aug 15, 2010
I ordered mine last week. I think it should be here in a few days. Looking forward to it.

I originally got the M+22, but I also just got the 270EX ii and the 18-55. It's a nice little camera. I think the grip will round it out nicely.

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