Ricoh 14mm m43 Lens Patent Surfaces

Phillip Swanson

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Egami unearthed an interesting patent yesterday alluding to the possibility of camera maker Ricoh joining the m43 universe.

The patent in questions details a 14mm lens specifically designed for a 4/3 size sensor. Now, what I'm having trouble discerning or figuring out is Ricoh's intentions with the patent, which was filed back in 2010. Perhaps the lens is was a new GXR module that got shelved or has yet to arrive, or maybe Ricoh's purchase of Pentax influenced the patent (more likely the 19mm APS-C lens detailed in the report as well)?

Too many questions and only a confusing patent to answer them. It might help if my native language was Japanese (a few years back in college hasn't helped much) or if Google translate didn't produce indecipherable hogwash every other sentence.

Yet another possibility is the GRD4 successor adopting a larger imaging element, or the GXR module I mentioned earlier being a 4/3 sized sensor+lens combo, or if they're smart a 4/3 mount module.

With the Sony RX100 just around the corner, a betting man would wager on Sony not kneecapping the potential sales of their camera by supplying Ricoh with a superior sensor for the GRD series successor, or even the GXR.

If someone has a better understanding of Japanese please read through the patent and leave your comments/thoughts below.

Source: Egami

Jihwan Myung

New Member
It says the patent is about two implementations of 28mm (35mm equiv.) lens for 4/3 and APS-C format sensors. Unfortunately, the 4/3 version has a flange back distance incompatible with the Olympus/Panasonic standard. The interpretation was that Rocoh was probably prepping the lens design so it can be used when Sony's 4/3 sensor becomes available.

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