Ricoh Ricoh GR III


Mar 23, 2015
Andrew Lossing
If there is one negative thing about an everyday carry camera, it's that I have to remember to handle it carefully! My GR took a tumble onto some pavement the other day... thankfully it is fine save for some new adornment in the form of some silver showing through the paint on the side, but the tempered glass screen protector I had on it took a knock that cracked and shattered it. Folks, screen protection is important! That could well have been my LCD. In addition, the thumbs up grip I just added took a couple of small nicks. I have one of the metal lens covers with 'GR' engraved on the front, which fits over the whole lens assembly and is, in my estimation, the best way to keep dust out of the front of the camera (which couldn't be remedied by the dust reduction system since I believe there is a filter between the lens and sensor assembly?). So, with all this additional armor, my GR is actually quite tough. But please, no more spills!

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