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Hey guys, I've been looking up and down through google and nothing, I just wonder, does anyone do a Ricoh GR housing? I really dont want to buy an "underwater camera" or "another camera body (m43) plus lens plus underwater housing".

Yes, I found the option of those Dicapac bags "one size fits all" sort of thing but its really my very last option. I just dont like using a plastic bag that needs to be open and closed by velcro and sand and salt might get in eventually after some use.

Im also aware of some discontinued underwater housing done for the Ricoh GRD IV as well. But theres nothing for the current GR apparently?

any pointers, past experience, would be highly appreciated.


FWIW I have three dicapac covers, the oldest over ten years old, the youngest about a year, and they are all working fine after being used in fresh and saltwater, on rocky streams and mangrove reefs. Frankly their simplicity is exactly why I trust them over some $2,000 housing where one grain of sand in a gasket can cause a leak. The mini-grip and roll-down system is very secure and I've used it with powershots to my OM-D E-M5 with a Pro zoom with complete confidence. Not so cool looking as a UW housing and working rotary controls on the camera can be an issue, but they do a very good job in my experience at a fraction of the cost.

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