Ricoh Ricoh GRD Accessories on the GRDIV


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The Ricoh GRDigital IV, Accessories « Is that lens hood big? Why yes it is.. I have to say the adapter and lens hood feel fragile, seriously fragile. Not like say my Canon plastic hoods plastic kind of feel but the kind of 'oh my god I'm going to snap this thing just trying to get it mounted' kind of feeling. Screwing the hood on the adapter was even more tense. Now the brushed look/feel matches the camera body perfectly and it looks like one wicked machine but if you carry this on a strap and it bounces around I would be worried it would hit something and break. It's also ridiculously bulky like bulkier than my wide angle lens on the LCA+. The adapter of course was purchased with the idea of getting the 21mm wide angle lens in the future but I can only imagine at this point that holding the camera then would be a lot like holding a short shaft low weight dumbell. Still.. I haven't read anything online about this contraption falling apart easily. Also, the leather case, snug, not sure if I got a tighter one or what, but it's really well made and will also house the small viewfinder, the GV-2 but obviously not the adapter and hood :D Maybe one of you with the wide angle lens can show a little porn, on camera?


not only do I not use the 21 lens anymore, I never use the hood and filter adaoter at all. The whole thing takes away from what is great about the GRD, compact go anywhere camera that shoots great images, the hood and lens just get in the way for me


I have these accessories and so far they've held up well. I rarely use the 21mm adapter, because, yeah, it takes away from the portability, but when I do I really appreciate it. I like the 21mm focal length and for Ricoh the GRD is the only camera that currently has it. BTW today's plastics are very durable.