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Duane Pandorf

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Have I told all of you how much I like this little camera :big grin: !

My son needed to catch a fish to finish his Boy Scout Fishing Merit Badge. We were unable to do that at camp this past week as the it was waaaaay too hot and nothing was biting. So took him down to our lake a couple blocks from the house and caught one unlucky fish!


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Dorf, you work magic with your GRD III - it even catches fish with it's flash!

Beautiful realistic colors and tones in both of these. I love the reflections of the sunset in both - impressive range of tones in these pictures...oh, and a very special catch, as well!:biggrin:

Congrats to your son upon his latest Merit Badge!


As one angler to another - congrats on fine catch. My photography and fishing are so intertwined that I'd *almost* wouldn't go fishing if the camera wasn't with me!
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