Ricoh Ricoh GRD III - Italian Style

Duane Pandorf

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Western NC
I didn't have a chance to get into Rome on my rotation as I expected to as we got delayed going through Naples. Plus the time zone changes finally caught up with me. However, the general aviation office at the Ciampino Airport made for some interesting perspective :D

I didn't mean to keep the color in the sign. I guess I need a bigger monitor to see those things. My laptop screen just isn't big enough I guess. Thanks for the nice comments.
I think it's kind of cool having it in there... It takes the focus just enough off the Italian flag colored couch and add some more humor, to my eyes... It's really a wonderful image - all the light and shadows...the reflections, lines, etc. I looked at it on Flickr, too and chose to see it in the largest size - pretty darned impressive!