Ricoh Ricoh GRD III (should be GXR) - Denver

Duane Pandorf

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Apr 25, 2011
Western NC
Hey I've got a couple in straight B&W and color. It's just not easy uploading from camera to iPhone with the wifi sd card and then examine the image on the phone. Then post via wordpress.

Plus the airplane door just closed.


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Wonderful highlights - looks perfect to me!

RE uploading via the iPhone...I haven't figured that one out yet. I guess Flickrstacker would be the way to go... When will they give me my iPad3 with a phone!:wink:

Seriously, this looks very good to me.


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Jul 12, 2010
Philly, Pa
Duane....I have a friend in Oz that drinks wine...
I have a friend in France that drinks Single Malt ... We all have better 1/2s we hide cameras from...
I don't have any friends that drink Starbucks...

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