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Dani Solatie

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Hi all,

I'd like to know your opinion on these two cameras, specially from those of you who have or have had both.
I've had in the past the GRD and GRD2, and also the LX2, and many other small sensor, dslr, a Sigma DP1 and a m43 camera.
Right now I have a NEX5 with the 16mm lens which I'll be selling soon.
I've come to love the image characteristics of small sensor cameras, and also I'm not happy with the NEX in use: the "infinite" manual focus ring, and the lack of focus lock.
So I've read a lot about both the GRD3 and the LX5. The past Ricoh GRDs have been my favourite compacts of all time. Perfect for me, and I know the GRD3 is even better. I only have one problem with that option: the fixed lens. I love and I much prefer using primes when I use an interchangeable lens camera, but with a compact it is not an option. In the past I felt I didn't miss any more focal lenghts when I had only a 28mm lens. Today I sometimes miss having a 35mm/50mm. And I know I could just crop the image to get 35mm equivalent.
On the other side, when I had the LX2, I liked it but I wasn't so happy with the user interface, specially the joystick, which has now been replaced by the click wheel.
I also know that from the LX2 to the LX5 many more things have changed to the better.
I've seen lens and resolution/noise comparisons of the LX5 to the Samsung EX1 and to the Canon S95, but I haven't seen any to the GRD3.
What I'd like to know is how the LX5 compare to the GRD3 in sharpness, noise, dynamic range, and if the user interface lets you work as quick and easy as with the GRD3, or if the GRD3 is still a better camera in use.
I always feel that rationally I find many interesting cameras that I'd like to have, and that I have later tried and not been so satisfied with, while I always feel that my heart and my intuition wants to use the Ricoh.
For me the only reason to get the LX5 over the GRD3 is that it has a lens with more options than the 28mm focal length, but I wouldn't choose it if the image quality or the user experience were worse than the Ricohs'. Can you please comment on your experience?

Thanks, and happy shooting.


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This is a difficult comparison. It would be easier to do the LX5 against the GX200.
The Ricoh's have the best interface bar none. The LX5 gets very close to it though.
I know many prefer the GRD over the 2&3.
So for a single focal length, the GRD3 is a great camera. If you feel the need for a zoom as you stated, the LX5 is much better than the GX200.

I'm using the LX5 on a daily basis and highly recommend it as a carry all camera.


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Dani, welcome to Serious Compacts and thanks so much for starting this discussion comparing these two cameras. As you can see, I've moved your thread into the "Open Gear" forum where various brands of cameras, etc, are discussed. This way your discussion should be seen and noticed by various people who may have experience with both cameras, as well as with just one.

I hope you will gain a better understanding and be able to make the best decision for your own needs and wants. Glad to have you here!


I think the Ricoh compacts has the best layout and ergonomy of this type of cameras. If you need a zoom the GX200 is the way to go, but is a camera a bit old. Maybe the GXR with the 24-72 module can be a candidate, and you always can get another module to get APS-C image quality(maybe something expensive)

For the actual models I like the LX5 and S95. The Samsung EX-1 is a bit big and heavy, but the lens must be wonderful


I have a GRD2 and also had GX100 and found I was hardly ever taking any images with the GX100. Though the GRD2 didn't have the flexibility of a zoom lens it was that bit faster and easier to take everywhere. Not the same generation of cameras but but similar choice. I am now considering the GRD3 myself. (my son is desperate for me to get one because he thinks I may let him have the GRD2!)

Dani Solatie

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Thanks all for your comments.
I think I will finally get the LX5 as soon as I can. I really like the idea of the step zoom,
and the possibility of using 3:2 aspect without loosing resolution.
I had already ruled out some of the other options, the GX200, the GXR, and the EX1 for different reasons.
Maybe, if my economy goes right, I will get later in the future the Ricoh, which I know I will keep dreaming of. But if I have only one compact, I think I should get the LX5.
I will share my experiences when I have it.

If anyone in Europe is interested in my two month old NEX5 + 16mm (with less than 200 pictures taken), in warranty for 22 months from now, please email me. I sell it for 400€. It is like new, in box.

Salud, take care,