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Completed Ricoh GXR 28/50mm Modules + 2 EVF's + Cable Release

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Taylor, Texas
Ricoh GXR 28mm and 50mm modules. Two EVF's + Ricoh branded cable release + Ricoh branded leather case + 2 neutral density filters + Ricoh branded 28mm lens hood. Each lens unit has a 40.5mm clear multi coated filter.

50mm had sensor cleaned by Cris Cam two weeks ago. I will include the receipt for the service. This cost $175.00.

$1000 + $25 shipping. Check or Paypal. Buyer pays Paypal fees.

You can email me at stboykin@gmail.com with any questions or if you need any further photos.


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Hey Stanley, if you still have your GXR kit I'll take it. Please let me know. (I tried to PM you, but my post count is too low.) If you PM me, I'll send you my phone number, etc.



Might you be interested in selling one of the viewfinders separately? If so, what would you need to get for it?

Hope Ruby's surgery goes well.

All the best,

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